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The objective of the Ph.D. program is to educate highly qualified researchers required for the expansion of fundamental knowledge and technological innovation through research and development, as well as the needs of institutions of higher learning.The international students can either join the ordinary classes taught in Chinese with Chinese students, or join separate classes taught in English.

Major areas for doctoral work are: Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks; Distributed Systems; Computer Networks and Protocols; Parallel Algorithms and Architectures; Ad Hoc Networks; Databases; Semantics Web; Bioinformatics; Software Architecture; Software Measurement; Software Comprehension and Maintenance; Dependable Software.
Education Prerequisites
Individuals should have a minimum of a bachelor's degree before they apply to become software engineering doctoral students.

Potential Career Options
A Ph.D. program in software engineering prepares most graduates for careers in academia or research. Some potential career options include:

  • Professor of software engineering 

  • Industrial laboratory researcher 

  • Software engineer 

  • Engineering laboratory director 

  • Industrial developer 

Courses included in a typical Ph.D. program in software engineering cover research methodologies and advanced topics. Some examples include: 

  • User interfaced software 

  • Secure software systems 

  • Advanced computer networks 

  • Algorithms 

  • Software systems models 

  • Software management 

  • Software artifact analysis 

  • Systems engineering design 

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