"2+2" Undergraduate

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The goal of “2+2” undergraduate program is to jointly cultivate software engineering talents with a university abroad. Students enrolling in this program will master good foreign language skills, lay solid major knowledge foundation, enhance engineering practice ability, innovative capability and international competitiveness, which is referred to as “internationalized, high-level and comprehensive software engineering talents”. The international students can either join the ordinary classes taught in Chinese with Chinese students, or join separate classes taught in English.
Main courses include:
Advanced Mathematics
Introduction to Programming with C/C++ and Practices
Introduction to Information System SSD1
Introduction to Computer System SSD2
Linear Algebra
Discrete Mathematics
Data Structures
Java Object-Oriented Programming SSD3
Probability and Statistics
Operating Systems Principles
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
User-Centered Design and Testing SSD4
Foundations of Software Engineering
Database Systems SSD7
Computer Networks
Compiler Principles
Research and Practices on Engineering
Software Testing Techniques
Electronic Commerce Applications
Large Scale Database Techniques
Principles and Techniques of SOA
Digital Media Primer

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